Temple 20

These are pictures of Temple 20 when it was installed and running at Astrokolholz Observatory near Cloudcroft, NM. A friend was hosting this scope and several others but decided to quit astronomy altogether. It is a rebuilt 8″ Meade LX200 GPS, SC with a custom carbon fiber tube, enhanced cooling, custom wedge and a full suite of software to make it a robotic-scope. It used a SBIG ST-402 CCD Supplied by the AAVSO with built in filter wheel and BVIC filters. To make it have a wider field it sports a F/6.3 focal reducer. Some focal reducers are known to cause distortion (especially Meades!) but both Temple 20 and Temple 28 have focal reducers that have been tested and are good to go.

Presently it is not being used on a regular basis. After sitting in storage for several years it actually had a kind of mud on all the optical surfaces. So after cleaning up the inside I assembled it only to find that I had lost the shims that help it to be colimated. Hopefully in the near future this will get taken care of and the scope will be back in service!

Temple 20 in the observatory in New Mexico at 9000 feet.

First Light