About Me

Paul V Temple
Phoenix, AZ
BA in History from Grand Canyon University, AZ
Master of Divinity (92 hours) from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, MO
Arizona Teacher License: 33 graduate hours, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Lexington, MO
Lexington Fire and Police  Departments, Chaplain
Asteroid 50687 Paultemple named after Paul V. Temple January 2010,
(discovered by Rik Hill of the Catalina Sky Survey)
American Red Cross, Platte County, MO
(For outstanding service during the flood of 1993

Favorite Books:
The “Bible”
“The Great Divorce” C.S. Lewis
“Hound of the Baskervilles” Arthur Conan Doyle
“The Chronicles of Narnia” C.S. Lewis
“Honor Harrington series” David Weber
“The Search for Planet X” Tony Simon
Thousand-Mile War: World War II in Alaska and the Aleutians” Brian Garfield
Shooting and hunting
The Temple Research Observatory, or TRO is where my telescopes are located in Lexington, MO. Research includes Variable stars, Active Galaxies and central stars of Planetary nebula.
Publications and Papers
SCAS                          2013      “The heart of the Matter: A Study of the Blue White                                                                    Dwarf in the heart of M57”
LCAS                          2010      Talk “The heart of the Matter: A Study of the
                                                  Blue White Dwarf in the heart of M57”
JAAVSO                     2009      “Using a Web-Cam Based CCD to do V Photometry”                                                             (Abstract Published)
AAVSO/SAS              2009      Paper  “Using a Web-Cam Based CCD to do V                                                                 Photometry”
MARAC                     2008     “Using a Low Cost Color CCD Camera to do  BVR                                                            Photometry.”
MARAC                     2007     “A Comparison of Navajo and Greek Cosmology.”
MARAC                     2006     “Combining Traditional Science with Traditional Navajo                                                     Beliefs for Effective Teaching.”
AAVSO                      2006      “Preparation for Study of Two Suspected Variables:                                                                  WW UMA and CV UMA”
JAAVSO                    2003     “Preparation for Study of Two Suspected Variables:WW                                                  UMA and CV UMA.” (Abstract)
AAVSO                      2003     “Preparation for Study of Two Suspected Variables WW                                                  UMA and CV UMA”
ALCON:                    2002      “Dusty Asteroids: An Amateurs Pilgrimage”
MARAC                    1997       “Professional Amateur Cooperation in Astronomy”
MARAC                    1996       “Pre and Post Mariner Observations of Mars and the                                                       Scientific Method”