Images from TRO

these are a selection of images from TRO since 2009.

M 42 using the Celestron 11″ CPC and SBIG ST-8E.

Jupiter 5/31/2018 with the 6″ (The Beast) refractor and a ZWO 120MC camera.

Mars with the 102 mm refractor and ZWO 120MC camera.
Barnard’s Star movement since the 1950’s. Taken with Temple 28
M 27 or the “Dumbbell” Nebula. Taken with the ST-8E and AR102 refractor. 17X90 second images combined and stacked.
M 13 with the ST-8E CCD camera and the AR102 Refractor.
M 57 with the ST-8E CCD camera and the AR102 refractor on a Sirius mount.
M 3 100x30 V
M 3 with Temple 28 100×30 V
The “Dumbbell Nebula”
NGC_598The Triangulum Galaxy
NGC 2392 200x20 processed
The Eskima Nebula in Gemini!

M 63 in near infrared. Most of what you can see of this galaxy is dust and old stars!

M 57 in Infrared
M 57

A shot of a Quasar!

Quasar 3C273 2.8 billion light years away!

 Whirlpool Galaxy

Sombrero Galaxy

M 82. This galaxy is thought to have a massive star forming region at it’s center.

Globular cluster

A gigantic jet shooting from a black hole in the center of M 87

Up Close with the 7 sisters!

 Pleiades Star Cluster with the nebula that birthed these stars

NGC 4361 is an obscure Planetary Nebula with an interesting look! This is a stack of 130×30 second images. In a  preliminary data reduction there is around .3 of a magnitude variation in the light curve on a minute scale! This is the beginning of a survey of bright PN’s that will look for variability of the central stars.

The globular cluster M3. This is a combination of 1×30 second image and 1x 120 seconds.