AR102 High Point Refractor

AR102 Explore Scientific Refractor

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AR 102 Review

Astronomy technology Review

More images taken with the AR102

The Dumbbell Nebula taken with the SBIG ST_8E and AR102. on a Sirius EQ mount.
This shows the wide field of the AR102 and SBIG ST-8E. The Horse head and Flame Nebula in one image!
Mars! ZWO ASI120 (MC camera and AR102) on Sirius mount. This image was taken with a 2x Barlow so it is surprising to see this much detail!
Another Mars image taken with the AR102 and AWO 120 MC camera. Cropped and enlarged.
Orion Nebula or “Great” Nebula  ( ZWO ASI120 MC camera and AR102)
Moon (ZWO ASI120 MC camera and AR102)
Saturn (ZWO ASI120 MC camera and AR102)