Equipment at TRO

Wright 28. A graphite Celestron 11″ mounted on a modified CGE mount. Right now it is in an optical configuration for collimating. Normally it will use an SBIG ST-2000XM camera with a fully functioning Moonlite focuser. The cables on the CGE have been hardwired to eliminate the runaway problem these mounts typically have.

A recent acquistion Wright 28 will be the work horse of Temple Research Observatory. Using a SBIG ST-2000XM CCD camera, CFW-8 filter wheel with Sloan photometric filters, moonlite focuser and Celestron CGE. This will be used primarily for automated photometry. It should be able to do 17th magnitude stars.

Temple 10

Temple 10

Temple 10 consists of an AstroTech AR 102 refractor, ATIK 414 EX CCD Camera mounted on an Orion sirius mount. It uses a Johnson V filter plus some other photometric filters as well. Though it is an achromatic refractor with chromatic aberration the narrow band photometric filters take care of the problem. You can do photometry down to 15th magnitude stars.

M 101 showing SN 2023 ixf with Temple 10 the AR102 and ATIK 414 camera.

AstroTech ED 70

Astrotech ED 70 using a SBIG ST-2000 XCMI camera.

Occasionally the AstroTech ED 70 is mounted on the Orion Sirius mount. A SBIG ST-2000XCMI color camera is the camera often used with it. Though I have been just testing the setup shooting pretty pictures, I plan on doing three color photometry with it.

Clestron 6″ Refractor

Celestron C6-R mounted on a Meade LXD600 mount
Venus using the celestron 6″ F/8 refractor. Meade LXD 600 mount, Skyris 132C camera and sharpcap as the capturing software.

Here is the latest edition. My wife called me and told me to check out this telescope for sale on my way to Morrison Observatory later that afternoon. This is a very nice 8″ F/5 (1000mm focal length) reflector. It gives nice images and though the mount is old and kludgy it still work!