SN2012aw was discovered by Paolo Fagotti, Bastia Umbra, Italy on March 16, 2012 in the spiral galaxy M95. At first many thought that there was nothing there at all, then that it was a CV (cataclysmic variable) and finally it was confirmed by low resolution spectroscopy to be a Supernova. Here are several images from TRO as well as an image from The 60″ telescope at the Catalina sky Survey taken by Rik Hill. Some of the images were taken on March 20, 2012 with the top image taken April 1 2012. Supernova’s are quite fascinating and this one was caught quite early. The earlier thay are imaged the better the science!
Here is a AAVSO lightcurve of SN 2012aw through 7/01/2012. Notice the brightening in I but the gradual decline in V and B! As the explosion cools it releases more red (I) light and the light from B and V decreases. Eventually the red will begin to curve down as well. The crosses are my contributions. Unfortunately I have one that is way off! This one should have been removed after I reported it as being discrepant but it apparently slipped through anyway!

Light curve of SN 2012 AW 


SN 2012aw 6 17 2012 V 6 minute arrow
SN 2012 AW TRO 8″



SN2012_M59_12Mar21_0408b rik with 60 inch
SN 2012in M 59. Catalina Sky Survey 60 inch telescope, by Rik Hill



TRO 22x30 v no processing arrow

SN2012aw April 1 2012 arrow flipped